Week by Week

All students - the learning portal is where you need to go to get your weekly materials. When you log in, go to your grade space (if it's not in your pulldown menu, put in your grade number and then select that space). Contact us if you do not have your portal login, or check our Learn at Home page for links and information relevant to your studies.

Week #1 September 23, 2020

  • Start of classes. If you did not attend on Week #1, contact us to pick up your book and materials.

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Week #14 January 6

  • Grades 1-9 have in person class today.  3rd grade did a special breakout lesson on the saint of their choice, followed by Bible Trivia and a round of Bible Pictionary.
  • CIRCLE OF GRACE FOR GRADES 5-6: If you are unable to attend tonight’s class, you may either contact me via email to get a copy of the materials, OR have your parents sign the opt-out form. Grades 7-9 will learn Circle of Grace at February's in-person class.

Week #14 January 13

  • Grades 1-5 have in person class today. 
  • 7th grade is on Chapter 11 of Finding God curriculum.
    Study guide and quiz link on Learn at Home page
    Don’t forget to email your quiz results to [email protected].
  • Tonight’s curriculum for Grades 8 and 9 is online. Please log in to the portal to get the links and comment that you have viewed them.  Circle of Grace will be presented in person on February 10th, and we will have a chance to discuss the online videos at that time.